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We’re developing an easily transportable solar powered barge to provide barge service to remote and fossil fuel banned waterways. Stay tuned for developments.



Press Release: We are expanding to iPhone development!


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Are you tired of supposedly computer based courses that are pretty much a book on a computer screen?

22CMW is a corporation that was created with the belief that innovative application of new technologies currently available to publishers can revolutionize education.

Isn't it time there were courses that actually used the power of digital processing to make learning easier for both teachers and students to achieve maximum results in minimal time?

We're still getting better at creating courseware that will do that for you, but we're sure if you try our current courses you will agree that they already make both teaching and learning easier and more productive than any book on the subject matter.

There is a demo of our first course as well as purchase options located under the E-learning tab in the "Internal Links" menu located on the right side of this window.