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We’re developing an easily transportable solar powered barge to provide barge service to remote and fossil fuel banned waterways. Stay tuned for developments.



Press Release: We are expanding to iPhone development!


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We offer all of our courses on a Moodle learning management system. They come as standalone, interactive deliverables for teachers or deliverables coupled to student accounts containing randomized test banks that fully automate grading. Teacher accounts also enable teachers to have access to a grade book which tracks all student activity. Because assessment is fully automated and allows unlimited student access to randomly generated practice quizzes, students are aware of their preparedness prior to formal testing. Additionally, password protected formal tests ensure grades reflect individual student retention.

Not only do our courses make it easier to both teach and learn, but because they are digitally delivered they cost less to reproduce than books. That means reduced costs for both students and delivery agencies.

We so strongly believe in our products that we will provide no charge, no obligation, first year trials for up to 34 students and one instructor at any educational institution. We're confident that when our claims of increased retention in the subject matter with less effort by all concerned prove to be true, you will buy our products. (Offer limited to first 500 free trial account applications per year)

Feel free to create an account in the trial course area in order to try some of our course material. (limited to first 500 accounts) All information required for registration will be used solely for registration with our site. We will absolutely respect your privacy.